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«Sea Days 2021» – Tour on board the coast of Piraeus

Those who were on the boat tour, organized today by the Municipality of Piraeus, in the context of "Sea Days 2021" had the opportunity to see Piraeus and its shores with a different perspective.

The tour, which is an established appointment of the Sea Days with particular resonance to citizens of Piraeus and the visitors of the city, was attended by the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Giannis Moralis along with his children and his sister, the Deputy Mayor of Communication-Promotion, Media, Utilization of European and National Resources Mrs. Andriana Zarakeli, and the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Development Mr. Dimitris Karidis.

The boat "Georgos Brufas" sailed off from Gate E8, from the pier of Argosaroikos and headed to Piraiki. The tour of Piraeus, "revived" the ancient history of Piraeus, as well as its ports, where traces of them are preserved today.

At the same time the participants were guided to favorite historical points of the city, such as the Koneos Wall, the Neossikos, but also to a large part of the coastline of the wider Piraeus.

As the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Giannis Moralis stated:

"The Municipality of Piraeus celebrates the Days of the Sea for the seventh year in a row. One of the most beautiful actions, which is also educational in nature, is the on-board tour of the coastline of Piraeus. We are here with our families, we see Piraeus from another perspective, from the sea, while at the same time passengers are informed about interesting aspects of the history of Piraeus. This is a very successful action and I am glad that the citizens of Piraeus and the visitors of our city participate in this great celebration focusing on the sea, as it is important for us to offer the world moments of joy and optimism".

The Deputy Mayor of Communication-Promotion, Media, Utilization of European and National Resources Mrs. Andriana Zarakeli, note

"We are very happy because the citizens of Piraeus have "embraced" the Sea Days and the participations in the on-board tour exceeded all expectations. This impressive tour gave the participants the opportunity to see the city and its historical points in another perspective, as well as to enjoy a beautiful route across the coastline of Piraeus".

It should be noted that the action was carried out in compliance with all the protection measures of the EODY and the competent authorities, in order to avoid the dispersion of COVID-19, with the aim of the safety of all.

The next guided tours on board the coast of Piraeus will take place on Saturday, June 5, 2021, from 17:00 to 20:30, and on Sunday, June 6, 2021, from 11:00 to 14:00 and will start from Gate E8.

Follow the official accounts of the event on social networks, at and at with the hashtag #imeresthalassas to see the news, find out information about actions and events, and see photos and live broadcasts.


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