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More than 100 free events from May 24 to June 2

“Sea Days 2024”!

Piraeus welcomes for the tenth year the big celebration - an institution for the city

More than 100 free events from May 24th to June 2nd

The “Sea Days”, the great celebration - institution for Piraeus, returns for the tenth consecutive year with a rich program, which includes more than 100 free events for young and old, from May 24 to June 2!

The Mayor of Piraeus Yiannis Moralis, the Vice Mayor for Extroversion, Tourism and EU Funding programs Andriana Zarakeli, the President of KO.D.E.P. Yiannis Voidonikolas and the President of DI.RA.P. Iosif Vourakis, presented the “Sea Days 2024” program during the Press Conference, in the crowded Foyer of the Municipal Theater, by representatives of the press, Deputy Mayors, Deputy Municipal Councilors, Municipal Councilors, Presidents of Municipal Communities, Community Councilors, institutions and associations of the city, who participate in the events of the Sea Days 2024.

During the interview, greetings were addressed by the Deputy Mayor of Planning and Sustainable Development Dimitris Karydis, the Mandated Municipal Councilor for Culture Giannis Hatzialexis and the President of S.E.F Christina Tsiligiri.

The citizens and visitors of the city who will be in Piraeus these days will enjoy from Thursday, May 23, which is the opening ceremony with the unique concert of “ONIRAMA”, until Sunday, June 2, when the unique Glykeria will mean with her concert, the closing ceremony of this year’s events, a diverse program of entertainment, action and extroversion, ideal for young and old.

Brilliant events of the municipality, against the backdrop of Piraeus, which is becoming a pole of attraction and focusing on the sea, history, culture, shipping, tradition and sport, offers events with free entry for all, during which people will enjoy exhibitions of photography, paintings with themes around the sea, guided tours of land and sea points of interest, workshops, conferences, shadow theatre, educational and sports activities, for all ages, concerts by popular artists, music and dance performances and much more. Impressive in this “blue” journey of eleven days is the support and participation of the agencies, artists, clubs, educational institutions and voluntary organizations.

The Mayor of Piraeus, Yiannis Moralis, referring to Sea Days 2024, emphasized:

“Sea Days are one of the most important events in our city. This year is a milestone year. We have happily completed ten years.

We started in 2015 when Piraeus was chosen by the European Commission to be the city at the centre of the celebration of the European Maritime Day, which is celebrated every year in a different EU port city. It was also our first year as a Municipal Authority and I would say that this event ‘found us’, it had already been decided by the European Commission that it would take place in Piraeus. We started with around 60 events in the city and now we have over 100.

The success of that first year surprised us too and so we decided, every year, at the end of May, to celebrate Sea Days in Piraeus.

Year by year the Sea Days evolve and become stronger with the aim of satisfying the people of Piraeus on the one hand and attracting thousands of visitors to our city on the other.

It is a joint effort, an exciting path of cooperation, participation and extroversion for Piraeus that creates and stands out at all levels.

Piraeus is its people, it’s all of us. The presence of the clubs, organizations, educational institutions, sports clubs, artists, scientists and businesses that actively participate in the great celebration of our city is truly moving.

We will have many large events, which we are sure will attract visitors from all over Attica. Events, as always free, for young and old, focusing on the sea of Piraeus.

We start this Thursday, May 23 with a concert by ONIRAMA outside the Municipal Theater and continue until June 2. In between, of course, we also have the big final of Olympiakos in the Conference League on May 29. A very important and great moment for Olympiakos and Piraeus.

I would like to thank the Vice Mayor for Extroversion, Tourism and EU Funding programs, Andriana Zarakeli, who has been coordinating Sea Days for the past 5 years.

I thank the heads of the Organizations of our Municipality, DI.RA.P., KO.D.E.P. and the Development Organization, the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, which supports our events this year. The Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Shipping, the Ministry of Tourism and the EOT have placed under their auspices the Days of the Sea”.

The Vice Mayor for Extroversion, Tourism and EU Funding programs, Andriana Zarakeli, pointed out:

“Sea Days” are not a simple celebration for our city, “Sea Days” are an institution and are one of the most important extroversion and entertainment initiatives that happen in the Municipality of Piraeus every year at this time!

I want to dwell on the truly moving presence of the clubs, agencies, educational institutions, artists, scientists and all the businesses that participate in the “Sea Days”, to whom I sincerely thank.

This dynamic, this Piraeus pulse that exists in every district and neighbourhood of our Municipality, gives us this huge push, mood and desire to work hard and try to become better every year and present you with events that meet your expectations!

So, we are ready to start the “Sea Days 2024” again this year, which will last from Friday, May 24th until Sunday, June 2nd.

I want to thank all my partners and the Services of the Municipality of Piraeus who contributed decisively to the preparation of the Sea Days, as well as the Mayor Mr. Yiannis Moralis for the trust and support”.

The President of the Public Beneficial Municipal Enterprise of Piraeus (KO.D.E.P.) Yiannis Voidonikolas, among others, underlined:

“KO.D.E.P. participates with joy and enthusiasm in this celebration of the city and supports with all its strength this common effort from the heart. And, I am not only referring to the actions we will undertake, nor only to the mobilization of active volunteers who give their distinctive colour and support the city’s initiatives. I’m also talking about disseminating information, even to those who seem to be far from official information. The Sea Days are not just another event of the Municipality, but a common celebration of Piraeus. A celebration of Piraeus that concerns us all, without discrimination. As far as we are concerned, solidarity, humanity, practical support. Because humanity and civilization go together. Because in Piraeus - and we managed to do this - no one is alone”.

The President of DI.RA.P. Iosif Vourakis, among others, reported:

“For the tenth year, the Municipality of Piraeus is organizing the “Sea Days”. I personally believe that the success of this institution is reflected in the fact that the city’s agencies are now asking to participate in our actions. This year “Channel 1” theoretically participates in “Sea Days” with two actions, but in practice we will participate in as many actions as we can, not only covering with reports but through our station’s WebTV with live broadcasts.

I would like to focus in particular on an action that we are organizing next Sunday at the “Andreas Garifallos” municipal swimming pool. An action that we are co-organizing with the “Embrace” Volunteer Group in memory of our friend Vassilis Tokakis.

So, we invite you all to the “5th Vassilis Tokakis Relay of Love” and to build a big chain of love by sending the message that no one is alone in the face of cancer”.

The Deputy Mayor of Planning and Sustainable Development Dimitris Karydis, among others, underlined:

“The events of the Sea Days are a station for Piraeus and become a pole of attraction for all citizens. But especially for our children, as through specific events that we are organizing for the third year this year, we push them into the field of science and technology”. Mr. Karydis also referred to the actions of his Directorate, stressing that they have a special impact. Finally, he noted that the Sea Days are a great celebration for the city of Piraeus, with special participation of citizens and institutions.

The Appointed Municipal Councilor for Culture, Yiannis Chatzialexis, emphasized, among other things:

“The Culture Directorate makes its mark by actively participating in a series of events, such as guided tours of historic buildings, educational programs of the Library and Historical Archives Department, musical walks by the Philharmonic Orchestra, exhibitions and actions that highlight the richness of our culture.

I express my thanks to those who have contributed to the organization of these free events, aimed at all ages, and I invite all of you to join and enjoy this celebration that will highlight our Piraeus as a destination for entertainment, creation and as a modern and vibrant part of our history and culture”.

The President of the Stadium of Peace and Friendship Christina Tsiligiris, among others, pointed out:

“The Sea Days for the past five years were held with the help of SEF. This year SEF is co-organizing them with the Municipality of Piraeus. And we are very proud to participate in this great event for Piraeus. Because SEF is a cradle of culture and sports. The contribution of SEF is decisive for the success of this event. As a venue that hosts countless sporting and cultural events, SEF embodies the values of Peace, Friendship, cooperation and solidarity, values that are at the core of the Sea Days”.

On behalf of the Sea Days Organizing Committee, the Mayor's special advisor, Panagiotis Kyrimis, spoke in detail about the Sea Days events, as well as events that will take place this year for the first time.

More than 100 free events in Piraeus!

Inspirational painting and photography exhibitions, guided tours to points of interest by sea and land, Shadow Theater in the squares of the Municipality, summer cinema for young and old, a tribute to the ‘rebetiko’ song and its representatives.

Also, environmental and educational actions, coastal cleaning and recycling of objects related to the sea.

Also, the Municipality of Piraeus, in a continuous effort to strengthen and stimulate the local market, in collaboration with the city’s Chamber of Commerce organizes the “Blue Night”, where the shops will remain open until late at night, as well as a fashion show in the forecourt Municipal Theater with the participation of the city’s commercial shops.

As for the legendary area of Troumba, it will turn into an endless “Street Party”!

It should be noted that the “Olympias” trireme is once again moored in Piraeus this year, where young and old alike can admire the unique functional copy of the Athenian trireme of the 5th century BC.

Also, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality will give a summer air of joy with its notes to the city.

The protagonist of this year's “Sea Days” events will be the cute shark mascot, Zacharias!

The Sea Days are organised by the Municipality of Piraeus and Destination Piraeus, under the auspices of the Ministries of National Defence, Shipping & Island Policy, Tourism and the E.O.T., and in co-organization with Plus Piraeus, the Peace & Friendship Stadium, KO.D.E.P., the Municipal Radio of Piraeus "Channel 1- 90.4FM", in the context of E.M.D. (European Maritime Day)

The program of the Sea Days 2024 in detail, information and registration forms are on the official website of the event at:

“Follow” the official accounts of the organization on Social Networks, and to learn the news, information about actions and events, with photos and live broadcasts.

Attached is the "Sea Days 2024" program

Agenda 2024
Download PDF • 617KB


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