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"ONIRAMA" opens "Sea Days 2024"

“ONIRAMA” opens “Sea Days 2024”

Thursday 23.05.2024, at 20:00 in the forecourt of the Piraeus Municipal Theater

The group “ONIRAMA”, in a unique evening full of music, will excite young and adults, spreading fun and joy!

The “Sea Days”, a celebration - an institution that is “embraced” by all of Piraeus, travel us for the 10th year to every corner of our city!

The opening ceremony at “Sea Days 2024” is presented by journalist Baya Antonopoulou.

Sea Days 2024

The “Sea Days” is now a leading institution for the country’s largest port.

The Municipality of Piraeus for the 10th consecutive year organises the “Sea Days”, a panorama of events focusing on the sea, history and culture of Piraeus, with the participation of the city's agencies and clubs.

A unique journey of entertainment, fun, exploration and learning offers more than a hundred free events for everyone, including concerts, guided tours, photography and painting exhibitions, conferences and many educational, cultural and sporting activities for young and adults.

From May 23 to June 2, 2024, our city becomes a magnet for everyone and with the focus on our sea, an exciting 11-day journey into the culture and history of our Piraeus begins!

“Sea Days” are organised by the Municipality of Piraeus and Destination Piraeus, under the auspices of the Ministries of National Defence, Shipping & Islands Policy, Tourism and the E.O.T. and in co-organization with Piraeus Plus, Peace & Friendship Stadium, KO.D.E.P., Piraeus Municipal Radio “Channel 1 - 90.4 FM”, in the context of E.M.D. (European Maritime Day).

The program of the Sea Days 2024 in detail, information and registration forms are on the official website of the event at:

Follow” the official accounts of the organization on social networks, and to learn the news, information about actions and events, with photos and live broadcasts.


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